Macromania : Traversing the life cycle of waste

Macro-mania is a delusion of the distance of objects being farther than they actually are. Waste coexists in our daily lives, from solid to fluid to digital waste. The project aims to investigate daily activities as waste generating processes from the scale of a room to a city. The process also involves highlighting the contrast of waste to a commodity exposing the global - social - infrastructural impacts during the entire process. It forms inter-connections across three processes - Waste travsersal, Waste water treatment, and Wine making.


Team : Neha Oswal | Akshada Muley | Gaurav Puri | Ruoyang Chen

Guided by : David Jimenez Iniesta | Nate Waddell

Software used : Rhino | Adobe Illustrator | After Effects | Premiere Pro


UCLA M.Arch II | Tech Seminar | Spring 2020

The gallery shows the infographic based animation that illustrates the traversal of waste followed by the stills that depict the micro to macro scale aspects considered during framing the narrative and storyboard. 

Macromania_Still 01
Macromania_Still 02
Macromania_Still 03
Macromania_Still 04
Macromania_Still 05
Macromania_Still 06
Macromania_Still 07
Macromania_Still 08
Macromania_Still 09
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