Pic Perfect : LA Story

A venture to explore the ambiguity of Los Angeles; embracing the millennial culture yet deep rooted in its primitives, in an effort to get the perfect picture, the demand of social media today.Its starts from the very primitive explorations of the cities wonders, big and small and then extends to falling for the city and envisioning a future for it, a future like no other, stepping into a strange reality.

This is a journey to visualize the two dimensional art fabric of the city in a newfound, dynamic three dimensional way. It sits at the intersection of the present and future, trying to define the line between the real and unreal. This approach immerses the user into the urban fabric, the very original art which has always been an identity of the streets. This way we become a part of the city’s art , and the art becomes a part of us .

Team : Neha Oswal | Akshada Muley 

Guided by : Natasha Sandmeier | Nathan Su

Software used : Cinema 4D | Adobe Suite


UCLA M.Arch II | Studio | Fall 2019

The gallery showcases the movie, the process booklet documentation, and a few steps that mark various points along the making of this piece.

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