Symbiosy : Supermarket of crowd sourced labor

Metaverse is the creation of a new universe, which brings together a contemporary internet condition and an environment metaphor. This planned universe is a reflection of the alternate reality.The world depicts an aisle of the supermarket of crowd sourced labor, which shows multiple environments and work spaces that entail crowd sourcing. Be it Uber, Door Dash or parcel delivery, or spatial entities like Airbnb, or even just our bedroom from where we work, this marketplace symbolizes the inevitable world of crowd sourced labor.


Team : Neha Oswal | Akshada Muley 

Guided by : Nathan Su

Software used : Cinema 4D | Octane | Unreal Engine 4 | Adobe Suite


UCLA M.Arch II | Tech Seminar | Winter 2020

The gallery shows a quick stroll through an aisle in such a metaverse supermarket, the process of creation of the concept art, modelling and texturing of the kit pieces for the development of the world, and an overview of one aisle.

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