Forever : Plastic on a mission

FOREVER offers a counter-narrative to the anthropocentric way we often describe the city. It acknowledges that our cities, and indeed our world is shared with many other non-human entities, each with their own tendencies and dispositions. 


We assign personhood to non-human bodies, taking them as companions and ascribing them needs, wants and spirit. Individuals have married trees, or even the Eiffel Tower - challenging the notion of what it is to be a person with legal rights and responsibilities. And at the broader, ecological scale, communities have advocated for giving citizenship to a reef, and other natural entities like forests, rivers, and lakes - in an attempt to protect them, give them agency, and in hopes that personhood will encourage pro-environmental behavior. 

It is bizarre yet so common, that we associate these emotions – of love, empathy, and anger, to inanimate bodies while also framing inert environments as there to serve humanity. However, these natural environments are not the only things we share our world with, there are synthetic planetary organisms too - such as the entire plastic industry.


Our film sees this as an opportunity to re-frame our relationship with plastic; one that is currently driven by guilt and vilification, into one of empathy and responsible cohabitation. It attempts to shift our attitude towards plastic, a material made invisible through its banality. Instead, our story makes plastic viscerally and emotionally present in the city. Here plastic is no longer the much-maligned victim, the neglected creature made to serve us, and discarded when no longer needed. Plastic here flocks together to challenge our world, on its way to building one of its own.

Team : Neha Oswal | Akshada Muley | Aishwarya Rajasekar

Guided by : Natasha Sandmeier | Nathan Su

Software used : Cinema 4D | Octane | Maya | Adobe Suite | Avid ProTools

UCLA M.Arch II | Entertainment Studio | Fall 2019 - Spring 2020

The gallery shows the teaser of the film, the created issue of the Wired magazine that throws light on the context of the piece, and the stills that show worlds in which the plot is situated. 

Realficitons W2020_Magazine_Spring Quart
Forever_Still 03
Forever_Still 02
Forever_Still 01
Forever_Still 04
Forever_Still 05
Forever_Still 06
Forever_Still 07
Forever_Still 08
Forever_Still 09
Forever_Still 10
Forever_Still 11
Forever_Still 12
Forever_Preliminary Rendering 01
Forever_Preliminary Rendering 02
Forever_Preliminary Rendering 03
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